Fuse Box Repairs & Upgrades

Is your meter box getting old and needs upgrading? Need extra saftey switches or RCD’s in the box? We can help.

Every household uses a fuse box, or electrical board, to control the incoming current and circulates it to distinctive circuits all around your home. Power enters your home from the local main electrical provider. With the fuse box, the power is partitioned securely to every room in your household. When you turn on your kitchen light or run the washing machine, two circuits light up while electricity is used.

However, fuse boxes are out-dated engineering contrasted with the latest and modern breaker boxes. To keep up, your fuse box may require upgrades under specific conditions. For more information, contact an authorized electrician in Midland if you need fuse box repairs and upgrades.


When To Know If It’s Time To Repair Or Upgrade Your Fuse Box?

Check the fuse box and watch the inner part. There will be a few signs that show a redesign or repair is important. In the event that you see any rust inside the board, call an expert for an assessment. Rust implies that some dampness is influencing the breakers or wiring. Since water is conductive, you need to discover the reason for the rust and detach it before a house fire happens.

The board’s housing and door part needs to be cool, and a deteriorating fuse box system will really feel warm. If you can see any wiring without touching the inward segments, you can search for any power surge impairment. During strong typhoons, old fuse boxes can take the force of electrical action in the air. Burned wires and parts need to be inspected promptly. Generally speaking, any irregular action inside the breaker box obliges assessment by a professional electrician for the wellbeing of the home.

What are the Advantages of Upgrading An Old Fuse Box?

The significant profit of overhauling a breaker box is family security. An imminent fire hazard exists with an old or out dated wire box. Faulty wiring can start, bringing about a blaze to spread into the home.

Likewise, you profit from lesser fuse mishaps. Once a fuse overloads, you will need to either reset it or buy a whole replacement. With another breaker box, there is less risk of tripping as long as the circuits are installed effectively. Unless you really want to overload the whole system (for instance, running the water heater and microwave at the same time), tripped breakers are signs of old components.

In case that you simply added another room to the home, an upgraded fuse box permits you to add more electrical outlets to the framework without overriding its most extreme voltage and current levels. It is practically difficult to add numerous circuits to a more seasoned framework without creating electrical shorts and risky conditions.

Moreover, the total value of your home once it is put up for sale in the market if potential buyers see that it can handle the modern demands of technology.  In case of house inspection, make it a point to open up the board for initial assessment of the buyer and the building code inspectors. This upgrade is one repair that the house buyer won’t have to stress over.


Fuse box serves as the main chamber of power inside the home, consider an upgrade if you have stayed in that old house for more than 20 years. Contact Andrew’s Midland Home Services today for prompt action regarding fuse box repair and upgrades. They will evaluate if your fuse box needs immediate overhaul in your electrical components. If you’ve encountered any fuse box failing signs, from a hot box to blown wires, you need to have the entire electrical system checked at the earliest opportunity. Protect and save your home today and call (08) 9273 4019 for estimate and quotes.