Electrical Power Points

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Need Your Electric Board/Panel/Meterbox/Fusebox upgraded? –  An electrical panel is the main distribution board for electricity inside your home. This panel will distribute all the electrical power into individual circuits which are connected to either a protective fuse or circuit breaker. This applies to every single circuit inside your home. This panel will generally have a main breaker and also many other different breakers which are all incorporated into each section of circuits. Because this item is such a heavily used device inside your home it is a good idea to change out any out-dated electrical panel in order to stay up to date with the current safety codes and regulations. Out-dated panels aside, it is just as useful to change to a larger service panel in order to add more service to your ever-expanding home. This is commonplace when adding appliances to your house.
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There are some tips you can learn for changing your electrical panel. In older homes you will find an out-dated panel or even an old distribution board. Old and out-dated devices such as these can become a hazard to you and your home as the old style of wiring and fuses are significantly less safe than the new style fire-safe breakers. Even more, this old style of electrical service may need to be changed out not only to protect you and your home but also because it is a required step in getting passed for home safety inspections. Another great reason to change your electrical panel is that if you are catching up to the modern times and adding things such as hot tubs, washers, dryers, and even air conditioning units, it is very important to make sure your panel has the capacity to handle all of the newly added electrical load.

Your electrical panel will usually be mounted to the surface of a wall or slightly sunken into it. An important thing to keep in mind is that if you mount your panel on the surface of the wall you will have much easier access for future alterations or just adding new sets of wiring. Although when you sink them into the wall it is much easier on the eyes as there isn’t a large grey box sitting in plain view. This is something to think about for residential homes, it will generally look better aesthetically.

It is wise with any electrical project to hire a licensed professional electrician. Changing out a service panel is no different. This panel is the hub of all the power coming in and out of your home and therefore it is a very dangerous thing to be working on. Any work on this will need to be completed correctly in order to keep you and your home safe. An incorrectly installed panel can cause home fires and even the smallest error can potentially become fatal for the installer. A licensed electrician is tested periodically in order to ensure they are following all the newest electrical codes and safety procedures. It is wise to just let the professional finish this job for you.