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If you are seeking local domestic electricians for any electrical work needed on your properties, we have the experience and the skills to undertake it. Indeed we have been in business as domestic electricians in for over 35 years so you can be assured that during that time there is no problem that we have not seen, and no project that we have ever failed to complete successfully.

From full house re-wirings and security installations to installing electrical sockets and light switches, you can rely on our professional and efficient team to complete your tasks on time, on budget, and to the highest standards of quality.
We know that having tradesmen into your home can sometimes be an uncomfortable experience, especially for the vulnerable and elderly, but be assured that our friendly staff will always be respectful and courteous when working in your home and around your family.
Call on us in confidence for a personal, yet professional, service

  • Property rewiring
    Fault finding
    Fuse boards
    Refurbishments and conversions
    Exterior lighting and sockets
    Wiring boilers and ovens
    Wiring for computers
    CCTV installation and door entry systems
    AOV installations
    Alarms and PIR lighting

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Commercial Electrician


We are highly experienced in commercial electrical sector project requirements, offering a complete package of skills, designing and installing everything from small office refits, to new installations and industrial warehouse overhauls.

Whether for lighting, mains distribution, small power, fire alarms or data requirements, our start-to-finish service means you can always rely on us to get the job done right, minimising costly down-time for your business.

We are also environmentally concerned, and will always be happy to advise and facilitate energy-saving products and strategies to reduce your carbon footprint and ultimately save your business money.

  • Mains and sub-mains distribution
  • Emergency lighting
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Fire alarm design, installation and maintenance
  • Door entry and security systems
  • Data cabling
  • Computer trunking services
  • Ring mains

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TV Antenna Work

Digital TV Antenna Installation
Sales Of Install Bits & Pieces
Extra TV Cable Points
TV Signal Boosters
Extension Masts And Poles
Black Spot & Rurual Installs
MATV & Commercial

TV Installations & Theatre

TV Wall Hanging & Mounting
Projectors Celing Mounting
New TV Set-Up & Tuning
Installs Of Wall Speakers
Programming Amplifiers
3DTV & HD TV Set-ups
TiVo – Blue Ray – Setups

Our Cablings Skills

Extra Phone Points
Computer DATA Points
Internet Points ADSL
AV And Computer Connections
Speaker Cabling
Communications Cabling

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Time for an Electrical Panel Changeout?


An electrical panel is the main distribution board for electricity inside your home. This panel will distribute all the electrical power into individual circuits which are connected to either a protective fuse or circuit breaker. This applies to every single circuit inside your home. This panel will generally have a main breaker and also many other different breakers which are all incorporated into each section of circuits. Because this item is such a heavily used device inside your home it is a good idea to change out any out-dated electrical panel in order to stay up to date with the current safety codes and regulations. Out-dated panels aside, it is just as useful to change to a larger service panel in order to add more service to your ever-expanding home. This is commonplace when adding appliances to your house.
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There are some tips you can learn for changing your electrical panel. In older homes you will find an out-dated panel or even an old distribution board. Old and out-dated devices such as these can become a hazard to you and your home as the old style of wiring and fuses are significantly less safe than the new style fire-safe breakers. Even more, this old style of electrical service may need to be changed out not only to protect you and your home but also because it is a required step in getting passed for home safety inspections. Another great reason to change your electrical panel is that if you are catching up to the modern times and adding things such as hot tubs, washers, dryers, and even air conditioning units, it is very important to make sure your panel has the capacity to handle all of the newly added electrical load.

Your electrical panel will usually be mounted to the surface of a wall or slightly sunken into it. An important thing to keep in mind is that if you mount your panel on the surface of the wall you will have much easier access for future alterations or just adding new sets of wiring. Although when you sink them into the wall it is much easier on the eyes as there isn’t a large grey box sitting in plain view. This is something to think about for residential homes, it will generally look better aesthetically.

It is wise with any electrical project to hire a licensed professional electrician. Changing out a service panel is no different. This panel is the hub of all the power coming in and out of your home and therefore it is a very dangerous thing to be working on. Any work on this will need to be completed correctly in order to keep you and your home safe. An incorrectly installed panel can cause home fires and even the smallest error can potentially become fatal for the installer. A licensed electrician is tested periodically in order to ensure they are following all the newest electrical codes and safety procedures. It is wise to just let the professional finish this job for you.

Fuse Box Repairs & Upgrades In midland


Every household uses a fuse box, or electrical board, to control the incoming current and circulates it to distinctive circuits all around your home. Power enters your home from the local main electrical provider. With the fuse box, the power is partitioned securely to every room in your household. When you turn on your kitchen light or run the washing machine, two circuits light up while electricity is used.

However, fuse boxes are out-dated engineering contrasted with the latest and modern breaker boxes. To keep up, your fuse box may require upgrades under specific conditions. For more information, contact an authorized electrician in Midland if you need fuse box repairs and upgrades.


When To Know If It’s Time To Repair Or Upgrade Your Fuse Box?

Check the fuse box and watch the inner part. There will be a few signs that show a redesign or repair is important. In the event that you see any rust inside the board, call an expert for an assessment. Rust implies that some dampness is influencing the breakers or wiring. Since water is conductive, you need to discover the reason for the rust and detach it before a house fire happens.

The board’s housing and door part needs to be cool, and a deteriorating fuse box system will really feel warm. If you can see any wiring without touching the inward segments, you can search for any power surge impairment. During strong typhoons, old fuse boxes can take the force of electrical action in the air. Burned wires and parts need to be inspected promptly. Generally speaking, any irregular action inside the breaker box obliges assessment by a professional electrician for the wellbeing of the home.

What are the Advantages of Upgrading An Old Fuse Box?

The significant profit of overhauling a breaker box is family security. An imminent fire hazard exists with an old or out dated wire box. Faulty wiring can start, bringing about a blaze to spread into the home.

Likewise, you profit from lesser fuse mishaps. Once a fuse overloads, you will need to either reset it or buy a whole replacement. With another breaker box, there is less risk of tripping as long as the circuits are installed effectively. Unless you really want to overload the whole system (for instance, running the water heater and microwave at the same time), tripped breakers are signs of old components.

In case that you simply added another room to the home, an upgraded fuse box permits you to add more electrical outlets to the framework without overriding its most extreme voltage and current levels. It is practically difficult to add numerous circuits to a more seasoned framework without creating electrical shorts and risky conditions.

Moreover, the total value of your home once it is put up for sale in the market if potential buyers see that it can handle the modern demands of technology.  In case of house inspection, make it a point to open up the board for initial assessment of the buyer and the building code inspectors. This upgrade is one repair that the house buyer won’t have to stress over.


Fuse box serves as the main chamber of power inside the home, consider an upgrade if you have stayed in that old house for more than 20 years. Contact Andrew’s Midland Home Services today for prompt action regarding fuse box repair and upgrades. They will evaluate if your fuse box needs immediate overhaul in your electrical components. If you’ve encountered any fuse box failing signs, from a hot box to blown wires, you need to have the entire electrical system checked at the earliest opportunity. Protect and save your home today and call (08) 9273 4019 for estimate and quotes.

Considerations When Selecting Cheaper Midland Electricians In Your Area


There is a wide choice of cheaper Midland Electricians but the choice depends on your personal preferences and needs. In case you reside in a certain place then you can pick which one deserves the position. This is to ensure that you are getting the best value out of your money. Since you have the chance to pick who will provide your electricity, it is highly advised to walk around to economize. What are the considerations to look for when selecting cheaper Midland electricians?

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Services They Offer

In case you are looking for cheaper Midland Electricians that will meet your requirements, you ought to start by searching which electrician is available to provide service. Each team has their own set of services that may be similar to other electricians but there can be differences in availability and pricing. Therefore, you need to consider and compare these services that every electrician has to offer and pick which suits your needs.

Know the Deals

Most of these cheaper Midland Electricians are looking forward to get new clients and they are fully knowledgeable that customers are looking for the best deal too. This pushes them to give fresh and cost-effective deals each time in order to shift customers into clients. You will be blessed to find the best deal with the greatest value by comparing each of them from one another. However, you need to be careful of these offers. As much as possible, figure out how much you can pay and which one deserves your trust and time.

Available Payment Methods

When choosing cheaper Midland Electricians, it will be best to check out the payment method they offer so that you know exactly what you are availing. You have two choices: to go for a fixed plan which means you pay the same amount agreed throughout your contract period or you can pick a specific plan where the deal is mostly chargefrom the electricity market pricing. Typically, a fixed price is the deal that you probably choose but variable rate is cheaper when the cost of electricity depreciates.


Contracts and Other Tips

Finally, it is highly important toconsider the terms and contracts before you give the final words. Look for declared and non-declared costs as well as other charges that each electrician is going to charge you, Compare the receipts and assess if you want all of the services to be done. You ought to also make it clear how long you are expected to stay in a contract with the company to avoid being lost in the agreement.

When choosing cheaper Midland Electricians, there is no easy formula to see them at once but to perform evaluation. Several times, you need to search in some engines and not rely too much not only in direct classified ads, opinions, tabloids or magazines. Actually, most companies with electrical services use search engines to promote their services because they know that people are best surfers of all time. But, they own at least one official fan page for specific information.

The Two Compelling Reasons Why You Must Hire A Certified Electrician


The importance of hiring the services of a certified electrician not only guarantees the total safety of your home or establishment it will also save you tons of money if your electrical problems are properly figured out by a trained individual who is authorized to do this tedious task. The most common mistake of some homeowners or business establishments is that they attempt or ask a non professional electrician to do the job and end up having more problems than solutions, plus additional expenses incurred.

Those electrical wires that are dangling, broken appliances, busted light bulbs, fluctuating power supply and distribution are just a few of the situations that must not be passed to an individual that has not enough training or the so called “amateur technicians”.  Do not hire an unqualified person to the job, it will cost your more money and does not get the job done properly.

Here are two of the reasons why you must always hire the services of a professional electrician.


A well trained electrician has also received proper training with regards to safety and keeping their workplaces neat and injury free. While working on a project or even a simple task, it is clearly evident in the way they execute their work plan. They stay focused on their job but always have a total awareness of keeping safety their utmost concern and priority. Some of them even have first aid training to be ready at all cost. Working with electricity is not a big joke and they come prepared for it and gets even geared as part of their safety precaution. Electricians are required to wear their personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure safety while working. Before they work on any live wires, they make sure the fuse box is switched off for their safety. They also make random tests on the wires and other conduits to make sure that no electrical current is present. Checking out and inspecting their installations is also a must for them, they even double check to see they have not cause any potential hazard on the wires that they fixed. For the responsible electrician, a single error can mean injury or the worst scenario-death. They are fully aware that they are not only putting their own safety at risk when performing heir job they are also putting the lives of the other people in their workplace or to the household that they worked for.

Save On Costs

The most common situation for some household is they hire a local electrician that is not licensed and charges exorbitant fees but gets the job done sloppily and worst, unfinished. This results in seeking the help and services of a certified technician to finish the job and have it fixed properly. This means the homeowner paid twice for a single job than can be done by a professional and with fair charges. These types of cases always make the owner paying 4 more times than the actual cost of installation and repair. These so called scam electrical contractors not only gets the job undone, they work on commission basis and is not covered by an accident insurance at all. On the other hand the certified technician works diligently and ware of the safety procedures and most of all covered by an accident insurance in case of any untoward accident while working. Should something go wrong the owner is not held liable or be made to settle the hospital bills or pay for the medical expenses.  The insurance company is in-charge to handle the situation of the certified electrician.


At the first sign of electrical problems at home, do not hesitate to call and ask for the services of a licensed and trained electrician immediately. It will not only save you lots of money, it will also make you become aware of the need to practice safety at home and while working. Always keep the contact numbers of your trusted and certified electrician near the phone or in places where the name can be easily seen in case of emergency.

Selecting the Best Company Electricians Midland– Tips and Considerations


When you are installing tv antenna or just maintaining the cable wires, selecting the best company electrician Midland is the most important thing that you need to remember aside from selecting your television brand itself. Today, companies with electrical business are operating through reliable websites and it is very tempting to call the company that will appear on the first page of search engine results. However, you need to consider some tips to get better and reliable. These tips are divided into top qualities, considerations to remember when choosing one contractor and ways on how to reach these contractors.


Company Electrician Midland– Top Qualities

  • Reliable. You will encounter a number of electrical contractors who say that they can install your cable wires and TV’s in matter of minutes of hours. While this is actually true, you still need to assess how reliable are they on wire installations. They should inform you about your options depending on your television brands. Also, they should be able to provide solutions on potential problems during the set up like short circuits. You need to remember that an expert electrical company should be able to understand the rules and regulations of cable and wiring set up.
  • Able to Communicate. One thing that you need to consider when choosing your company electricians Midland is the ability of their company to response as quick as possible. You do not want to delay your wiring installation and expect for nothing after paying expenses. Their company’s customer support should also responsive to questions and suggestions from clients.
  • Able to Provide Insurance and License. Before getting company electrician Midland, you should check their references and background. Are they connected to one reliable company or not? Do they have license to practice TV set up and cable wiring installation? Do they have certificates and seminars about safety installation? You need to remember that a good company should have skillful staffs and good business history.

Company Electrician Midland– Considerations to Remember

When choosing electrical contractors, you need to take a look at the following considerations aside from knowing their qualities.

  • Budget. When choosing, you need to estimate your budget based on the brackets they have shown. You do not need to hire poor electrical services that do not last for a month or a year. Always go for cost-effective services because it will provide safety to your overall house surroundings.
  • Preferences and Needs. Do you prefer hourly pay or fixed priced? When choosing your electrical contractor, you need to know your needs apart from your wants.
  • People. When choosing your company electrician Midland, you need to assess whether they are connected in one reliable company or they are independent workers. You can also get one from online classified ads and choose from numerous options.

The best company electricians Midland are available anytime so you can reach them through their website or call them through phone numbers. They are offering cable wiring installation, dish TV set up and free cable installation for low prices.



Electricians – What are their Tasks?

Electricians – What are their Tasks?

An electrician is a person whom we entrust tasks that involve electrical wiring of different establishments, machines that are stationary, and other related devices. It is very important to have them whenever we are faced with issues concerning electricity because it is something serious that only a qualified electrician should handle in order to ensure safety, efficiency, and avoid accidents as well as other detrimental effects. But what exactly are the tasks of an electrician?

An electrician handles duties that involve the use of hand and power tools for the installation, testing, and maintenance of electric equipment, wiring, appliances, and fixtures. It is also their task to inspect systems and components that are not functioning well. Using testing equipment and other tools, they should be able to know the cause of breakdown as they locate it. Of course, they should be able to correct and improve the problem. For the purposes of preventive maintenance, electrical experts should be able to look at electrical systems and know if there are defects or hazards; if needed, they should be able to advise the client if there should be any adjustments or repairs.

Electrical experts should be able to effectively use devices that include voltmeters, ohmmeters, and oscilloscopes, among others to test electronic wiring and devices. With this, they will be able to promote safety in the place. Planning the proper layout and installation of wiring and fixtures is also their task. They should be able to tell if the mentioned things comply with local codes. It is also their task to supervise and teach workers about how the right way of installing and maintaining electronic wiring and fixtures.

The other tasks of electrical experts include making sketches that will show the location of the electronic wiring and equipment, ensuring that the building complies with safety codes; installation of leads and connecting cables to different equipment; doing repairs while they are positioned on ladders, roofs, or other high places; doing tasks that may be demanding or strenuous like digging a trench in order to put conduit; making sketches and estimating costs for services rendered and materials used; and giving proper assistance during time of emergences.

Those are the tasks of electrician experts, and they will help you get any issues related to electric wiring corrected. We provide electrician services that are all about quality. We make sure that the problems and issues in the client’s place is corrected and fixed. We also make certain that our electrician experts are able to perform the tasks mentioned above. If you are looking for electrician services that you can trust, contact our company today.